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Eugena Topina

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Located in Virginia, USA

If you would like to learn more about polymer clay and the techniques I am using, please refer to my tutorials on and publications or consider taking one of my classes.

About the Artist

Hello! My name is Eugena.

This web site is the result of my passion for polymer clay and teaching.

Polymer clay captured my attention more than any other material because of its endless possibilities. I can make it look like metal, stone, glass, porcelain, or make something completely different out of it. I do not know any other art medium that is so versatile in its appearance. Wouldn't you agree?

In my professional life, I started as a scientist, but later earned a Ph.D. in education. The same thing happened with my hobby. At first, I was making polymer clay beads and jewelry. You may see examples of my work on this website. Over time, I realized that finding new polymer clay techniques and sharing them with others gives me so much excitement and satisfaction that now I am mostly creating polymer clay tutorials. You may purchase them in my shop


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